Web 2.0 Development

Our team of developers creates Web 2.0 products designed to meet specific business requirements. Leveraging our hands-on experience in the latest technologies like Postgre SQL, MongoDB, Angular, Node.js, React, React Native, and Python, we simplify complex business workflows with adaptive web and mobile apps.

Why we are one of the products best Web 2.0 Development Companies?

We implement agile web application development methods to achieve optimum adaptability, scalability, and functionality. Our team ensures to meet business challenges and provide compelling solutions with reliable, fast, and efficient custom-made solutions.

Quality and Reliability

Our development services involve clean, quality development code with a rigorous testing process adhering to global standards for building smooth, efficient, and reliable custom applications.

Cutting Edge Technology

With the latest technology stack and experienced developers, we help our clients achieve faster time-to-market and adapt to the ever-evolving business environment.

Agile Practices

Our multi-faceted and cross-functional teams deliver risk-free and sustainable solutions by implementing agile development practices.

Best Customer Experience

We enhance customer engagements to consolidate brand image with applications that are sleek, and progressive and support advanced features such as chat, location sharing, and more.

Our Web 2.0 Development Services

Website & e-commerce Development

We are ready to take your business to the next level by developing a professional website to reflect what you do and your brand. We cover everything under one roof from research and development, to wireframes, and UI/UX design to website deployment. We work with you side by side to ensure that your ideas are realized and to guide you through the process so that you get a functional website that is bespoke to your brand and audience.

Custom web and mobile app Development

We are specialized in building custom web apps that ensure compatibility, scalability, and usability, ensuring consistent user experiences with responsive UX and modern web APIs to decrease bounce rates and increase customer engagement across different devices and browsers.

Frontend Development

Our developers can build single-page or multi-page web apps with the reusable and component-driven architecture of React.js, next.js, and Vue.js.

Backend development

We use Node.js, python, and java for backend developments and our backend developers use microservices architecture to achieve scalability, services like AWS and Azure to host the backend, and SQL and NoSQL databases to store and fetch data reliably.